IIBN Foundation Statement

To amplify IIBN’s activities, expand its knowledge base, and reinforce international cooperation and impact, five Founding Members (Science and Technology Centre, Ukraine; Embrapa, Brazil; the Guangxi Academy of Sciences, China; the African Biosafety network of Expertise, Burkina Faso; and IPBO) signed an IIBN Foundation Statement at the IIBN 2013 Forum, to cooperate to improve science and technology collaboration and transfer in biotechnology between knowledge institutions, business, governments and other stakeholders in developing, transition and industrialized nations.


IIBN founding members at the IIBN 2013 forum

Upper row, from left to right:
Monica Sormann (EWI, Government of Flanders), Michel Zayet (Science and Technology Centre, Ukraine), Junhua Wu (Guangxi Academy of Sciences, China), Dulce De Oliveira (IPBO), Sylvie De Buck (IPBO), Ivan Ingelbrecht (IPBO).

Lower row, from left to right:
Sylvia Burssens (IPBO), Kathleen D’hondt (former member of EWI), Marc Van Montagu (IPBO), Maria Fatima Grossi de Sa (Embrapa, Brazil), Diran Makinde (the African Biosafety network of Expertise, Burkina Faso) and René Van Berckel (United Nations Industrial Development Organization).