IIBN 2015 forum

Towards a Generic Market for Genetically Modified Crops - Potential for Emerging and Developing Economies


19 June 2015 Ghent, Belgium


Genetically Modified (GM) crops were commercially cultivated on over 180 M Ha in 2014 by both small and large-scale farmers. Since 2012, over half of the GM crops are cultivated in emerging and developing countries. Commercialized GM crops are protected by Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and governed by comprehensive (inter)national biosafety regulations. The US patent on one of the first and most widely used GM crops, Roundup Ready soybean, recently expired. IPR on additional GM crop products will expire in the (near) future, thus opening the prospect of a GM crop ‘generics’ industry. The patent expiration of transgenic events will create an opportunity to expand the offering and access of certain GM crops at a lower cost. This could become a game-changer in the agricultural sector and create new opportunities for farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises for certain GM crop products. This, in turn, could help address concerns by public interest groups related to GM crops and seed/food sovereignty. The 2015 IIBN Forum brought together leading experts in agricultural biotechnology from the private and public sector to assess the opportunity and also the conditions for creating an enabling environment for a generic GM products, in particular to support sustainable agricultural development in emerging and developing economies.


All abstracts, biographies and presentations have been released on the IPBO website.

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