Towards a Latin America and Caribbean Knowledge Based Bio-Economy in partnership with Europe


The emerging bio-economy is increasingly viewed as a workable alternative to move today’s economies in the direction of more sustainable natural resource use and economic growth in different parts of the world.

The ALCUE-KBBE project is creating a platform between relevant stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union to design and implement enabling R&D agenda’s and policy instruments for the development and consolidation of the bio-economy in both regions.


ALCUE-KBBE activities include:

  •     A comprehensive benchmarking of EU, LAC + other bio-economy experiences
  •     Developing R&D scenarios and roadmaps for policy and institutional development
  •     Developing joint R&D agendas 


IPBO plays an active role in all of the above mentioned activities. In addition, IPBO leads the establishment of the ALCUE-KBBE Cooperation Platform that will form the basis for a LAC-EU cooperation strategy.


Project partners: CIRAD, France (consortium  coordinator); CEO, Argentina; IPBO, UGent, Belgium; IBET, Portugal; CINVESTAV, Mexico; WUR, The Netherlands; CIAT, Cali, Colombia; MINCYT, Argentina; EMBRAPA, Brazil; JULICH, Germany; PUJ, Colombia; and IICA, Uruguay. 


ALCUE-KBBE is a Coordination and Support Action supported by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme for RTD food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnologies (2011-2013).


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