IIBN book release: “Innovative farming and forestry across the emerging world: the role of Genetically Modified (GM) crops and trees”

The book published by IIBN highlights the importance of biotechnological innovations for sustainable development of agriculture and industry illustrated by means of case studies from growth economies and developing countries.The book focuses on (near) commercial applications of transgenic technologies in agriculture and forestry and provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of commercial farming using transgenic breeding across the emerging/developing world with case studies from Africa, Latin America, and also Asia.









                Marc van Montagu and Philippe Scholtes

Key innovations in plant biotechnology and applications in agriculture, industrial processes and healthare

                Sylvie De Buck, Dulce de Oliveira and Marc Van Montagu

Biotechnology and GM crops in Brazil

                Maria Fatima Grossi-de-Sa and Patricia Messenberg Guimarães

Genetically modified crops in Argentina

                Eugenio J.Cap and Euduardo J. Trigo

Genetic modification (GM) technology for sustainable agriculture in Central America

                Jorge A. Huete-Perez & Richard J. Roberts

Genetically modified crops in South Africa

                Jennifer Thompson

The success story of Bt cotton in Burkina Faso: a role model for sustainable cotton production in other cotton growing countries

                Ine Pertry, Edouard I.R. Sanou, Stijn Speelman, Ivan Ingelbrecht

Genetically mofified crops in South Asia

                Bhagirath Choudhary, Kadambini Gaur and Godelieve Gheysen

Greening the supply chain: the potentia for a forest biomass-based bio-economy

                Mike May, Stanley Hirsch, and Eugenio Cesar Ulian

Concluding remarks

                Marc Heijde and Yvonne Lokko


The book can be downloaded for free through the following link:

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